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State Office Contracts are unique, beginning with whom we contract with, the population we serve, the complexity of the contracts, and the resulting contract document.

State Office Contracts currently manages a total of 123 contracts (71 operations contracts and 52 Child Protective Services contracts). The majority of the State Office Contracts range from fifteen thousand to seventy four million dollars in total contract value. All of the contracts are obtained through one of the following methods:

  • A procurement
  • Sole source waiver
  • Interagency Agreement.

The different types of contracts that State Office Contracts manages are either vendor contracts, used to provide direct services to children in the conservatorship of CPS, or administrative contracts, which are used for contracting for administrative services.

State Office Contracts handles the following types of contracts:

  • The Title IV-E University Stipend Program
  • Forensic Assessment (interagency agreement)
  • TWC Daycare (interagency agreement)
  • TJJD (interagency agreement)
  • Educational, Training, Voucher program
  • Employee Assistance and Well Being Contract
  • Staff Training
  • Translation Services

The staff who handle these contracts at State Office Contracts are:

  • 1 Division Administrator
  • 2 Contract Program Specialist V
  • 1 Contract Program Specialist I
  • 1 Contract Technician III