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May is Elder Abuse Prevention Month in Texas. It's a good reminder for all Texans to look out for and to help those in our communities who are elderly or have disabilities.  After all, it’s everyone’s business to stop adult abuse, neglect, and exploitation.

In May, APS joins with many community, civic, and professional groups to raise awareness and understanding about adult abuse and neglect through conferences, presentations, and other events.

Read the news release about Elder Abuse Prevention Month.

If It's Not Your Money, It's A Crime.

It's everyone's business to protect those who are elderly or have disabilities from financial exploitation.

Financial exploitation is the illegal or improper use of another person’s money or property for personal profit or gain. Financial exploitation of adults who are elderly or disabled is an increasing problem and protecting them from becoming victims is everyone’s business.

During Elder Abuse Prevention Month, Adult Protective Services and its partners focus on building awareness and understanding of financial exploitation.

Read the news release for more information on stopping financial exploitation.

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