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6000 Interns and Youth Volunteers

6100 Student Interns

VCE November 2019

Student interns are college students at the undergraduate or graduate level who want to gain professional experience in a specific field. These students major in a variety of subjects, including health, social services, business administration, law, and criminal justice.

Any college student working with DFPS to earn course credit or to gain professional experience is an intern. This includes students who are temporary employees or have other paid positions with DFPS.

Most DFPS interns are unpaid. However, some programs may offer their interns grants or other funds. All interns are considered volunteers and are subject to the same policies and procedures as other DFPS volunteers.

Interns may receive course credit if the following agree on the credit in advance:

  •  Intern.

  •  Intern’s supervisor at DFPS.

  •  College or other educational institution.

DFPS does not require a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with a college or university. However, DFPS has a process for creating one if the educational institution requires it. See the DFPS Contract Handbook, 3.8 Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) for more information.

The intern and DFPS supervisor determine a work schedule that meets both DFPS’s needs and the intern’s. Interns track their hours and report them to the local volunteer coordinator monthly.

Background Checks

All DFPS interns must have a background check.

The local volunteer coordinator enters all background check requests into the Automated Background Check System.

A student may begin serving as a DFPS intern after all of the following have occurred:

  •  The intern has cleared all required background checks, including the following:

  •  DFPS.

  •  Department of Public Safety (DPS).

  •  FBI, if applicable.

  •  The intern has signed and submitted Form 0251 Volunteer Confidentiality Agreement.

See 7000 Background Check Procedures.

Computer Access

The intern’s DFPS supervisor requests computer access for the intern as soon as both of the following have occurred:

  •  The intern has signed and submitted Form 0250 Volunteer Application and Form 0251 Volunteer Confidentiality Agreement.

  •  The intern’s DFPS supervisor has received all required background check clearances for the intern.

6200 Youth Volunteers

VCE November 2019

DFPS allows individual youths ages 14 to 17 to volunteer.

All DFPS volunteer policies and procedures apply to youth volunteers. Also, the youth’s parent or guardian completes and submits Form 0280 Student Youth Volunteer Program before the youth begins to volunteer. Child labor laws do not apply to youth volunteers.

Volunteer opportunities for youth include:

  •  Helping with general support tasks in a DFPS office.

  •  Stocking and taking inventory for client resource rooms.

Youth volunteers may not do any of the following:

  •  Provide transportation.

  •  Interact directly with DFPS clients, such as in the following roles:

  •  Child Protective Services (CPS) hospital sitter.

  •  Adult Protective Services (APS) companion.

  •  APS medication deliverer.

6210 Supervision of Youth Volunteers

VCE April 2019

Like other DFPS volunteers, student volunteers may not be supervised by relatives. Only youth and students who have been placed in a work assignment by the designated volunteer supervisor are considered DFPS volunteers.

6220 Youth Volunteers in Groups

VCE November 2019

This section applies to youth under age 18 who volunteer for a one-time event as part of an organization or group.

There is no minimum age requirement for this type of youth volunteers. However, an adult sponsor of the group who is 18 or older must supervise the youth.

In this situation, the youth and their adult sponsors are not required to complete the following:

  •  Volunteer application

  •  Background check process

Required Forms

The parent or guardian of each youth in the group completes and submits Form 0280 Student Youth Volunteer Program.

Each member of the group (youth and adult sponsors) signs and submits Form 0251 Volunteer Confidentiality Agreement and complies with this agreement.

If the group’s project will use confidential information from a client, the following requirements apply:

  •  The client or client’s guardian completes and submits Form 0252 Release of Confidential Information for Volunteer Services before the group receives the client’s confidential information.

  •  DFPS keeps the signed form in the client’s file.

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