Child Care Licensing Child Care Licensing

Child Care Investigations responsibilities include:

  • Investigating allegations of child abuse and neglect.
  • Working with law enforcement on joint investigations.
  • Coordinating with child care regulators to assure the safety, health, and well-being of children in out-of-home care.

Child Care Investigations (CCI) is a division of Child Protective Investigations that investigates child abuse and neglect allegations in licensed and regulated child care facilities in the state, including both day care and 24-hour residential care settings, including foster care. CCI closely coordinates with Child Care Regulation (CCR, formerly known as Child Care Licensing), a program of Texas Health and Human Services that regulates and inspects child care.

In a CCI investigation, an investigator may interview child care staff, family members, and others with knowledge to get enough information to determine if abuse or neglect occurred. At the end of the investigation, DFPS makes a ruling on each allegation. This ruling is called a disposition. Dispositions include the following:

  • Reason to believe: Abuse or neglect occurred based on a preponderance of the evidence. This means when all evidence is weighed, it is more likely than not that abuse or neglect occurred.  
  • Ruled out: Staff determines that it is reasonable to conclude that the abuse or neglect has not occurred based on the information available.
  • Unable to determine: DFPS concludes that none of the dispositions above is appropriate.  
  • Administrative closure: DFPS intervention is unwarranted based on information that comes to light after the case is assigned for investigation.

Programs in CCI

Day Care Investigations (DCI)

This program investigates child abuse, neglect, and exploitation in child care homes and centers.

Residential Child Care Investigations (RCCI)

This program investigates child abuse, neglect, and exploitation in operations that provide 24-hour residential child care.

Complex Investigations Division (CID)

This division supports the investigation divisions by:

  • Providing case assistance and consultations on high-risk and complex investigations to ensure child safety and provide guidance while the investigation is open and ongoing.
  • Conducting administrative review of investigative findings and provide secondary review and approval for all child fatality investigations and unable-to-determine dispositions, as well as conducting case analysis.
  • Developing tools and conducts qualitative case readings to monitor, track, and report measures related to CCI program policy, foster care litigation court orders, and field assessments.
  • Making recommendations and provides technical assistance related to policy, training, and ongoing program improvement.

See the Child Care Investigations Handbook for details on CCI policy.