CPS has its own foster homes and a foster and adoptive home development (FAD) program. A Foster/Adoptive Home Development worker recruits, develops, verifies monitors, and supports foster and adoptive homes that are licensed by DFPS.  While the FAD program may differ slightly across the state, its purpose and tasks are the same.

What kinds of things will I be doing?

  • Helping recruit foster and adoptive families.
  • Training foster and adoptive parents on caring for abused and neglected children and working with the child welfare system.
  • Verifying (licenses) foster and adoptive families for children in state care.  This includes tracking the requirements they must complete, completing home studies, and determining if applicants are appropriate to be a verified foster or adoptive families.
  • Giving ongoing support and case management services to foster and adoptive parents.
  • Making regular home visits to foster or adoptive homes to meet with families to monitor and support the home.
  • Making sure foster or adoptive homes meets state licensing standards (Minimum Standards for Child-Placing Agencies).
  • Helping match adoptive families with children waiting for adoption.
  • Helping adoptive families with the adoption process and participating in adoption consummation hearings and adoption events like National Adoption Day.
  • Being the child’s caseworker when a child is placed with a DFPS adoptive family.
  • Going to court hearings and various other meetings on children in foster or adoptive homes.

Do I need a college degree?

No. Entry level Child Protective Services Specialist I can have:

  • A  Bachelor's degree OR an Associate's degree plus two (2) years of relevant work experience.


  • 60 college credit hours plus two (2) years relevant work experience OR 90 college credit hours plus one (1) year of relevant work experience.

Examples of relevant work experience in social, human, or protective services include paid or volunteer work within social service agencies or communities providing services to families or other at-risk populations.

What would my salary be?

The starting salary range is $3816.65 to $4094.50 per month and is based on your experience and qualifications.

Will I get training on what to do?

Yes!  You will have lots of great training before you start. While you will be making visits to clients on your own you will have support from your co-workers and supervisor any time you need it. 

Are their opportunities for career advancement?

Yes!  You'll have ongoing training to prepare you to advance and there are various levels of certification.

Conditions of Employment

You must have and keep a valid Texas driver's license.  CPS will also do criminal background checks and CPS history checks on all applicants.

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