APS and SWI Supervisor Assessments

Adult Protective Services (APS) and Statewide Intake (SWI) supervisor assessments are now scheduled for candidates who want to become supervisors in those programs. This has been a requirement for CPS supervisor candidates since July 2017. Just like CPS, APS and SWI job postings will require a passing assessment certificate to be considered for a supervisor position.

The requirement will be added to APS and SWI supervisor job postings in mid to late summer 2018, so start planning to attend an assessment soon.

DFPS needs the most qualified leaders, and we choose those leaders through a fair and impartial process. So, to become a supervisor, you are required to pass an assessment before you can apply.

Anyone who meets the minimum criteria (see the Supervisor Assessment Guide) is eligible to take the supervisor assessment. If you are interested, we recommend you take the assment now - do not wait for a supervisor position to open up to register!

Here are the key points of the process:

  • The supervisor job postings require you to first pass an assessment to be eligible for a supervisor position.
  • A passing score is 80%. You will be notified of your results once it is graded. If you pass, your certificate will be emailed to you.
  • You may register for and take the assessment any time prior to applying for a supervisor position. You do not have to apply for a position before you take the assessment.
  • DFPS offers the assessment every month at 15 locations around Texas. Dates and locations for all DFPS programs are listed below. All tests are 10:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m.
  • Register for your assessment by emailing the DFPS Registrar.
  • Registration for each assessment closes three days before the date of the assessment.
  • You should arrive 15 minutes early to your assessment. If you arrive late, you will not be allowed to take the assessment at that time, but you may register for another, later assessment.
  • If you do not pass, you can take the assessment again. You may take the assessment as many times as you need to be successful.
  • Study material for the assessment are available for APS, CPS, and SWI, as well as the HR policies you will need to know.

To learn more, read the Supervisor Assessment Guide. Contact the DFPS Registrar if you have questions or need help.

APS, CPS, & SWI Supervisor Assessment Schedule for 2018

  • Register for an assessment by emailing the DFPS Registrar.
  • All tests are 10:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m. on the day scheduled.
Location Proctors July August September October November December



3521 SW 15th Ave, Amarillo Linda Cooner, Anthony Slover 7/18/2019 Anthony 8/22/2019 Linda 9/5/2019 Anthony 10/8/2019 Linda 11/5/2019 Anthony 12/3/2019 Linda



7 BRIERCROFT Ofc Prk, Lubbock Traci Blackwell 7/10/2019 Genevieve 8/13/2019 Traci 9/10/2019 Traci 10/15/2019 Traci 11/12/2019 Traci 12/10/2019 Traci



3610 Vine St, Abilene Shanna Wright 7/24/2019 Shanna 8/28/2019 Shanna 9/16/2019 Shanna 10/22/2019 Shanna 11/22/2019 Shanna 12/3/2019 Shanna



1200 E Copeland Rd Ste, Arlington Jamese Saif, Christopher Martinez, Pam Joyner, Ashley Williams, Beverly Shockey, Melinda Flynt  7/18/2019 Melinda 8/22/2019 James 9/24/2019 Christopher 10/29/2019 Pam 11/26/2019 Ashley 12/3/2019 Beverly



8700 N Stemmons Fwy, Dallas Dana Jenkins, Stephanie Tiner 7/18/2019 Luis 8/22/2019 Dana 9/5/2019 Stephanie 10/3/2019 Dana 11/7/2019 Stephanie 12/6/2019 Dana



302 E Rieck Rd, Tyler Molly Sublett, Cayla Corrigan 7/30/2019 Cayla 8/7/2019 Molly 9/12/2019 Cayla 10/10/2019 Molly 11/14/2019 Cayla 12/12/2019 Molly



3105 Executive Blvd, Beaumont Steven Lazenby 7/18/2019 Steven 8/22/2019 Steven 9/19/2019 Steven 10/17/2019 Steven 11/21/2019 Steven 12/19/2019 Steven



3 Northpoint Drive, Houston Kim Gonzales, Lafara Walker-Gilchrist 7/16/2019 Kim 8/15/2019 Lafara 9/26/2019 10/24/2019 11/21/2019 12/19/2019


Rosenberg 6B

1110 AVE G, Rosenberg Lara Driver 7/18/2019 Lara 8/22/2019 Lara 9/10/2019 Lara 10/8/2019 Lara 11/12/2019 Lara 12/10/2019 Lara



14000 Summit Dr, Austin Evia Rivera, Evelyn Perez, Jennifer Nevers 7/18/2019 Evelyn 8/22/2019 Jennifer 9/3/2019 Elvia 10/1/2019 Evelyn 11/5/2019 Jennifer 12/3/2019 Elvia


San Antonio

3635 SE Military Dr, San Antonio JoAnn Tobias-Molina, Gidjetta Jefferson, Kay Spears 7/3/2019 Kay 8/27/2019 JoAnn 9/24/2019 Gidjetta 10/15/2019 Kay 11/19/2019 JoAnn 12/17/2019 Gidjetta



2525 N Grandview Ave Ste 100, Odessa Sonia Ramirez, Peter Carillo 7/18/2019 Peter 8/22/2019 Sonia 9/5/2019 Peter 10/10/2019 Sonia 11/14/2019 peter 12/12/2019 Sonia


El Paso

501 Hawkins Blvd, El Paso Erika Johnson, Fabian Araiza 7/18/2019 Fabian 8/22/2019 Erika 9/12/2019 Fabian 10/17/2019 Erika 11/21/2019 Fabian 12/5/2019 Erika


Corpus Christi

5155 Flynn Pkwy, Corpus Christi Rick Rodriguez, Erika Jackson 7/2/2019 Erika 8/20/2019 Rick 9/26/2019 Erika 10/3/2019 Rick 11/14/2019 Erika 12/5/2019 Rick



300 E Canton Rd, Edinburg Joe Cadriel, Ruth Cabrera 7/18/2019 Ruth 8/22/2019 Joe 9/5/2019 Ruth 10/15/2019 Joe 11/19/2019 Ruth 12/3/2019 Joe
*Note: Registered participants will be notified by email if temporary changes in locations are made due to unforeseen office closures or other circumstances.