Authority/Reference(s) DFPS Management
Revision Date October 14, 2016


DFPS Contract Oversight and Support (COS) is a division focused on providing DFPS contract staff the tools, training, data, and oversight needed to plan, execute, and manage agency purchases and contracts. 
The COS division consists of two teams:

  • Policy, Training, and Technical Assistance, and
  • Data,  Risk Management, and Quality Assurance

Goals and Objectives

The goals and objectives of COS are to:

  • Provide timely and relevant communication and technical assistance to all levels of staff, from contract management to the executive level;
  • Identify contracting issues and best practices to facilitate the development and track progress of contracting initiatives;
  • Develop well-written and easy to follow policies and procedures that meet all contracting requirements;
  • Deliver relevant contract training through multiple formats to staff of all levels of contracting experience;
  • Reduce agency contracting risk through the development of robust internal control processes, risk assessment tools, and the agency's contract monitoring plan;
  • Report comprehensive contract information to enable data-driven decisions; and
  • Ensure the integrity of contract management by testing data and the adherence to policies and procedures.


  • Communication.  Provide formal memo broadcasts to update stakeholders on policies, procedures, and contracting initiatives; as well as maintain up-to-date policy guidance through the Contract Handbook and HCATS Manual;
  • Contract Workgroups.  Lead and participate in numerous agency and HHS system-wide contract improvement workgroups to prioritize and address contracting issues (e.g., Contracting in Action, Contract Improvement Workgroup, Contract Governance Committee, Administrative Contracts Workgroup, CAPPS, SCOR);
  • Web-based Contract Handbook.  Develop and maintain DFPS contracting policies, procedures, tools, and forms;
  • Training.  Develop, conduct, and facilitate face-to-face, webinar, and computer based (CBT) trainings, including Basic Skills Development for new contract staff, annual Contracting Conference for more than 150 contract staff, fiscal accountability and internal controls, and signature authority;
  • Customer Service Email Box. Provide timely support and technical assistance to agency staff;
  • Contract Execution.  Liaison with HHSC-PCS to obtain the HHSC Executive Commissioner's signature for contracts that equal $1 million or greater;
  • Risk Assessment Instruments.  Establish agency-wide risk assessment methodologies and oversee the risk assessment process;
  • Statewide Monitoring Plan.  Establish the annual statewide monitoring plan (SMP) and track the progress of the SMP;
  • Quality Assurance.  Conduct and report on compliance testing through on-site, data, and desk review processes;
  • Data Reporting.  Report contract data and information to DFPS and HHS stakeholders, including providing data to HHSC for submission to the Legislative Budget Board;
  • System Administration.  Support and maintain contract management data systems;
  • Audit Coordination.  Serve as the liaison for contract audits with external and internal auditors, including the State Auditor's Office, KPMG, and HHSC and DFPS Internal Audit;
  • Waivers.  Review conflict of interest and DFPS and HHSC contract policy waivers;
  • Subrecipient/Recipient Management.  Approve Subrecipient/Recipient/Contractor determinations, conduct subrecipient's expenditure mail-out, and coordinate with the Inspector General and contract staff on single audits; and
  • Legal.  Facilitate legal approval of contract policies, forms, and templates through HHS Legal Services.