Revision Date December 15, 2017


DFPS prioritizes contract monitoring activities based on the results of contract risk assessments and knowledge regarding other potential areas of risk. Risk assessment scores for all Administrative contracts are analyzed to develop the Administrative Statewide Monitoring Plan (ADMIN SMP), which defines risk-based monitoring requirements for individual contracts. Contracts on the ADMIN SMP must be monitored according to their assigned frequency unless adjustments are approved through the established Form 9103ADMIN adjustment process.

All DFPS Administrative contracts with a contract value of $25,000 or greater must be monitored at a minimum of once per state fiscal year in which the contract is active, unless adjustments are approved (Adjustments to the Administrative Contracts Statewide Monitoring Plan ). The value of the contract is determined by the maximum contract amount, initial estimated total contract value or expenditures, whichever is highest. Staff must document their monitoring completion dates in SCOR and upload the required documents within 30 calendar days of completing monitoring.