Authority/Reference(s) Human Resources Code §40.058(c)
Revision Date May 15, 2017


DFPS prioritizes contract monitoring activities based on the results of contract risk assessments and Program knowledge regarding other potential areas of risk. Risk assessment scores for all client services contracts are comparatively analyzed to develop the Statewide Monitoring Plan (SMP), which tracks the status and progress of risk-based monitoring requirements. Identified contracts on the SMP must be monitored unless adjustments are approved through the established 9103 adjustment process. There are two Client Services SMPs, one for Residential Child-Care Contracts (RCC) and one for other Purchased Client Services (DFPS-PCS) contracts. 

The Single Source Continuum Contractors (SSCC) will be monitored on an ongoing basis, at least annually, as determined by using a risk based methodology.  

COS establishes the SMP by identifying the top 20% of the highest risk client services contracts throughout the state.  Contract staff must monitor the contracts identified on the SMP unless there is an approved adjustment.