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What We Do

Through the CYD program, PEI provides funding and technical assistance that affords community-based organizations the opportunity to foster positive youth development and build healthy families and resilient communities. CYD provides services in zip codes with high incidences of juvenile crime. Communities prioritize and fund specific prevention services to address their community level needs.

Who We Serve

  • Youth ages 6-17 in zip codes with high incidences of juvenile crime

Map of Providers and Communities

Map of Texas, showing providers across the state. For a text version of CYD providers, check the PEI Provider Directory.

For additional provider details, see the 2022 provider directory.

How We Measure Success

  • Children remain safe during services, within 1 year (99% in FY21) and 3 years (97% in FY21).
  • Percentage of youth not referred to juvenile probation (98.7% in FY21).

Program Data

  • Program Start Date: 1995
  • Target Number of Youth/Families Served Annually, FY23: 17,135
  • Average Number of Youth/ Families Served Per Month, FY21: 6,514
  • Counties Served: 16
  • Annual Budget for Community Contracts: $9,206,766
  • Total Number of Community Grantees: 17 Grantees, 42 Subgrantees
  • Average Grantee Budget: $541,574

CYD Success Stories

The Children’s Center (Galveston County)

The Odyssey LIFT Coffee Program provides an opportunity for youth in Galveston to develop numerous skills as they prepare for adulthood. Youth from the LIFT program were invited to serve coffee at local events, including at their local library. The program recently partnered with the owner of a successful restaurant in the area to mentor participants regarding entrepreneurship.

This year, program participants presented a summary of the LIFT Coffee Cart business at a local Rotary Club meeting. These youth were able to use the public speaking and leadership skills developed during the CYD Summer Work Experience program to clearly communicate the business design and recent successes to local community leaders. Facilitators of the program reported that through participation in this innovative program, youth were able to secure jobs in local restaurants after listing their coffee cart work experience on their resume.