All users of the PEIRS application are required to complete an IT cybersecurity training on an annual basis. To meet this requirement, PEI offers a training created and hosted by Texas Health and Human Services. This training is approved by the Department of Information Resources.

Take the Cybersecurity Training

When you arrive on the website, select the option for HHS Information Security/Cybersecurity Training for Contractors FY2022.

You will see this image next to the training:
blue cyber lock

If this is your first time using the HHS Learning Portal, you will have to register for a new account before enrolling in the course. Note that this account is different from the HHS Enterprise Portal registration and the DFPS Learning Portal.

Once the training is completed, users should complete the knowledge test, print the completion certificate, and save with other contract compliance documents.

If your organization is a subawardee (subcontractor), provide required documentation to your lead agency. It is the lead agency’s responsibility to provide one certification that includes any subaward staff who access PEIRS.

In Summary

  1. PEIRS users take the training, take the test, and print and save results.
  2. Grantee completes a single Form 4530 for the agency and sends to PEI Contracting email box and contract manager.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who should sign the certification form?

Answer: DFPS prefers the designated signatory sign Form 4530. If this is not possible, a person in a leadership role or the HR director for the agency may sign. If you already submitted the form without the appropriate authorized signature, please resubmit.

Where do I send my certification form?

Answer: Send Form 4530 to PEI Contracting and your contract manager.

What dates do we use for the certification period?

Answer: The date on the certification period should be fiscal year. If you already submitted the form with date specific information, you do not have to resubmit.

How often do we have to take this training?

Answer: The training is required annually, before June 1 of each year.

We already completed a cybersecurity training through a different DIR-certified course. Do we have to take this one, too?

Answer: If the training you took is DIR-certified, you do not have to take this training.

  • You do need to complete the Form 4530 to certify that your agency has completed the training.
  • We do not need copies of the training certificates, but you will need to keep these records in your files, and this requirement will be verified during monitoring.
  • PEI requires cybersecurity training and certification annually.
What contract number do I use?

Answer: Use the contract number on your contract. If you have an “agency ID,” this is not always the contract number. If you have multiple contracts with PEI, be sure to include all the contract numbers on the form or submit separate forms for each contract.

Are users of ABCS also required to receive cybersecurity training as well?

Answer: If a user only uses ABCS, they will not need to complete this training. This requirement applies to PEIRS users.

If I am a staff member and have completed the annual training for my agency, do I need to send in my own certificate or upload to PEIRS?

Answer: You do not upload certificates into PEIRS, but you do need to provide Form 4530 to PEI Contractingand your contract manager. This form certifies that everyone in your agency that has access to PEIRS has taken a DIR-certified cybersecurity training.

We have another DFPS contract that also has the annual cybersecurity training requirement. May we use the link you provided for those individuals to complete the training?

Answer: Yes, you may use this training for other DFPS contracts.

For questions, send an email to PEI Contracting.