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Safe Sleep Awareness

March 14-20, 2022 is Safer Sleep Week. This week we encourage you to promote Safe Sleep Awareness with your networks. Our goal for this week is to reach as many individuals as possible to equip families with knowledge and resources to support safe sleep practices for infants in Texas.

This toolkit includes daily messages to use in promoting Safe Sleep awareness, resources, and sample Safer Sleep Week posts.

These messages and links can be used as is or they can be customized in any way that works best for your community by directing to your prevention program’s information. Thank you for continuing to support the children and families that live, work, and play in your communities.

Dates to Remember: March 14-20, 2022

Sample Social Media Posts

Hashtags: #SafeSleep #SaferSleepWeek #SafeSleepAwareness

  • Day 1 - Monday: 
    Did you know it's Safer Sleep Week? This week, we promote Safe Sleep Awareness for infants. has advice from experts and real parents for infant safe sleep and more:
  • Day 2 - Tuesday:
    It’s Day 2 of Safer Sleep Awareness Week. Did you know that hundreds of Texas babies suddenly die in their sleep each year. Learn how to give babies room to breathe in this video:
  • Day 3 - Wednesday:
    It’s Day 3 of Safer Sleep Week. Did you know the best sleeping position for a baby is on their back in an empty crib? Learn more in this video from
  • Day 4 - Thursday:
    It's Day 4 of Safer Sleep Week. Is your baby sleeping as safely as possible? Watch this video to learn how to get your baby ready for sleep safely:
  • Day 5 - Friday:
    As Safer Sleep Week comes to a close, remember to continue to practice the ABC'S of Safe Sleep at bedtime and naptime every day and evening.
    Babies should always:
    A) Sleep ALONE
    B) On their BACK
    C) In a cool, empty CRIB
    S) In a SMOKE-FREE environment
    Learn more about #SafeSleep at:

Post Examples

If you use the sample posts provided on this page, the links will usually auto-populate imagery and text. Consider breaking up text into multiple lines for visual appeal. Examples:

Baby in a crib.

Baby sleeping contentedly.