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DFPS has issued this guidance for Prevention and Early Intervention Providers. [read now]

Partners in Prevention Conference

Save the Date! The 21st Annual Partners in Prevention Conference will take place at the Renaissance Austin Hotel in Austin, Texas on November 2-4, 2021. Our hybrid conference is still evolving to align with social distancing and the safety of all presenters and conference goers.

Outstanding Stories of Service and Triumph

Each year, the Prevention and Early Intervention Division recognizes incredible individuals and community organizations at the Partners in Prevention Conference in Austin. Their stories are inspiration for what individuals can contribute to Texas communities.

View their profiles and video stories

PEI Training

PEI Learning Hub

The PEI Learning Hub is available to all PEI contractors and serves as an engaging, web-based professional development portal providing training on a variety of topics. The interactive learning management system is designed for community providers, home visitor staff, and other partner agencies serving families through PEI contracts. Providers and partner agencies can use it to stay up-to-date on best practices and professional development opportunities.

We recommend these PEI Learning Hub courses:

  • Background Checks (ABCs)
  • Budgeting

Email PEI Training to learn how to sign up.

Training Tuesday Webinars

Join us from 2:00-3:00 p.m. Central Standard Time every 2nd and 4th Tuesday of the month (except holidays) as we explore current, relevant topics based on state trends, featuring PEI speakers and guest experts. Register for the PEI Community News and receive the upcoming registration links, or email PEI Training.

The PEI Communications Toolkit

In 2019, PEI introduced the Communications Toolkit for providers with a kick-off webinar. You can download the toolkit and also request assistance with the toolkit at the PEI News email box.

Prevention News and Online Publications

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PEI Community News is PEI's e-newsletter distributed monthly. PEI Community News includes news about PEI initiatives, staff, and news related to prevention and early intervention statewide. PEI staff, contractors, and subcontractors should ensure their programmatic points of contact register for PEI Community News by clicking here: PEI Community News Registration Link.

PEI Provider News includes weekly training and grant opportunities for PEI providers. PEI staff, contractors, and subcontractors are asked ensure their programmatic points of contact register for PEI Community News by clicking here: PEI Provider News Registration Link.

The Texas Prevention Network is a channel for informing stakeholders about key updates. The network is comprised of a diverse set of stakeholders including advocates, service providers and coalitions. PEI communicates with the network via email newsletters sent periodically. Sign up for TPN by clicking here: TPN Registration Link

The Get Parenting Tips website was developed to provide a platform to connect Texas parents and caregivers with positive parenting information and resources. Providers are encouraged to visit Get Parenting Tips:

Get Parenting Tips' Facebook page posts tips, resources and content with the goal of helping and supporting parents. Some of the content is original and created in-house; the rest is from ad campaigns or external sites that share PEI's goals. Follow us: @GetParentingTips

PEI Calendar: PEI produces an annual Parenting Tips Calendar. This free family resource is filled with helpful tips for parents and caregivers of children of all ages. It is available in English and Spanish. The calendar is endorsed by the Texas Pediatric Society and is a great resource for families participating in early childhood programs. Place your order online at

Community Growth Maps

HB 1549, passed by the 85th Texas Legislature, required PEI to develop a growth strategy to gradually increase the number of families receiving PEI services each year. PEI contracted with Population Health at The University of Texas Health Science Center Tyler (UTHSCT) to develop a series of tools to achieve this goal. These tools use risk-mapping and geographically-based risk and resiliency models to illustrate the distribution of maltreatment rates in the state by zip code. The project produced community maltreatment risk maps in FY 2019, giving PEI powerful new tools to identify and allocate resources in communities with the highest need and support families before they are in crisis.