What is Texas Home Visiting?

Texas Home Visiting helps good people be great parents.

We help parents by matching them with someone who can answer questions, give advice, and recommend services. This helpful person lives in your community and visits you in your home or another convenient location. We call this person a “home visitor.”

Depending on your needs, the home visitor may be a nurse, an experienced parent, or another trained professional or volunteer. He or she can talk with you about things like:

  • Taking care of more than one child.
  • Learning new ways to keep children happy and healthy.
  • Getting children ready for school.
  • Understanding how important parents are to their child’s learning and well-being.

Who Qualifies for Services?

Texas Home Visiting is for expectant parents and parents with children six years old and younger. It is made up of three different programs that have been proven to help children and families. Each program addresses different challenges and has its own eligibility rules. The programs are:

How Do I Apply?

Local organizations provide Texas Home Visiting services. Contact your nearest service provider to apply.

You can also email Texas Home Visiting for more information.