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Course Information

This is the Pre-Application Presentation for Child Care Homes.

General Information and Instructions

This Presentation is delivered in English. Please contact your local licensing office for other language options or if you have questions about your application. To find your local licensing office, go to the Local Child Care Licensing Offices web page or call 512-438-4800 for assistance.

This document provides links to Web pages that provide additional information. You must have access to the internet in order to get full access to the information and resources provided here.

Pre-Application Presentation Benefits

To acquaint you with becoming a home-based child care provider, this presentation details good practices to assist you in developing quality child care. The information will also assist you in deciding which permit best fits your qualifications so you can submit an application for that permit.

Note any questions you have so you can ask your Licensing inspector after viewing the Presentation.

If you wish, you can print this pre-application presentation.