Module 3
Page 21


DogWhat about my pets? The gentleness and health of your pets greatly affects the safety of children in your care.

  • Do all of your pets get along with children? Your pet may be your sweetie, but is he sweet to others?
  • Do you have up-to-date vaccination records for your pets?
  • Do you have current health statements from your vet?

There are many organizations throughout Texas that offer low cost veterinary services to promote healthy animals. A pet health statement can be any written statement signed by your veterinarian confirming your pet(s) has had an annual examination.

Children may act out as they adjust to a new home and learn new rules. Caregivers should expect that adjustment takes time and give appropriate support and acceptance. Over time, most children will learn to trust, feel safe, and learn to control their emotions and behavior in way that is appropriate for their age.