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Helpful Information and Definitions

  • Caregiver means a foster parent, relative or kinship placement.
  • Residential provider means a child placing agency or residential operation or their staff.
  • The medical consenter is the person named by the court or DFPS to make medical decisions for a child in DFPS conservatorship.
    • Foster parents ,relatives (“kinship caregivers”) or other live-in caregivers are the medical consenters for most children in foster care and DFPS custody.
    • DFPS caseworkers and I See You workers will typically be the medical consenters for children living in residential facilities with shift staff (other than emergency shelters).
    • As a last resort, a specially trained CPS Human Services Technician may provide consent.
    • Requirements of the medical consenter apply to both the Primary and Backup medical consenter.
  • STAR Health is the health plan for most children in DFPS conservatorship.
  • DFPS conservatorship means the child is in the legal custody of the State of Texas and DFPS.