Chapter 2
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The Importance of an Appropriate Environment

  • Most children will heal with stability, consistency, nurture and support of caregivers knowledgeable of trauma-informed care.
  • This means that the child does not change placements and the caregiver:
    • Is patient, understanding, kind, loving, and gentle.
    • Gives clear instructions about expectations and house rules.
    • Gives consistent consequences when rules are broken.
    • Teaches the child coping skills and how to control their behavior and emotions in an age appropriate way.
    • Praises the child for positive behaviors.

Children may act out as they adjust to a new home and learn new rules. Caregivers should expect that adjustment takes time and give appropriate support and acceptance. If given safe, positive, nurturing, consistent trauma-informed care most children will learn to trust, feel safe, and learn to control their emotions and behavior in way that is appropriate for their age.