Chapter 2
Page 4.1

Non-pharmacological Interventions

We will discuss severe symptoms later. But, in most cases, you should try non-pharmacological interventions before psychotropic medications. You can get help by:

  • Talking to the child’s CPS caseworker or child placing agency (CPA) staff or treatment team about how to help the child manage behaviors or deal with emotional stress.
  • Talking to the child’s caseworker or CPA staff or treatment team about seeking behavior health therapy. This is professional counseling that may be:
    • Individual therapy (child only)
    • Family therapy
    • Group therapy
  • Taking a class on behavior intervention or trauma-informed care. Talk to CPS, your CPA, or your residential operation to find out about classes.
  • Working with the child’s therapist, the school, CPS staff, and others to find interventions that work and make sure everyone is using the same interventions. Consistent interventions and consequences help the child learn to manage his or her behavior and emotions.