Chapter 3
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More About Giving Psychotropic Medications

  • Give the medication exactly as prescribed and never more or less unless directed by the doctor.
  • Never quit giving the medication to the child unless the doctor tells you to quit. Some psychotropic medications require weaning off gradually. Always follow the doctor’s instructions when stopping medications.
  • Follow the doctor's direction for giving the medication. For example, the doctor may tell you to give the medication at a certain time of day or to make sure the child does not eat certain foods.
  • Watch to make sure the child takes the medication.
  • Never give a child a medication that is prescribed for someone else.
  • Keep a medication log for each child. Write down the date, time, and who gave the medication to the child. (Residential Child Care Licensing Minimum Standards Section 748.2151 and Section 749.1541)
  • Coordinate with the doctor to make sure you get refills on time.