Chapter 4
Page 31


  • The vast majority of children in DFPS conservatorship do not need psychotropic medications.
  • Some children need psychotropic medications to get temporary relief from symptoms of trauma from abuse, neglect or separation to treat behavioral health disorders.
  • The medical consenter must decide whether or not to give consent before a doctor can start a child on psychotropic medications.
  • Psychotropic medications alone are not the best treatment. They should always be used with non-pharmacological interventions, such as behavior interventions and behavioral health therapy, for long-lasting effects.
  • The caregiver/medical consenter has a responsibility to monitor the child to make sure the medication is helping, watch the child for side effects and adverse reactions, and let the doctor and CPS know how the child is doing.
  • CPS staff, the caregiver, or the medical consenter should contact STAR Health if they believe the child is taking medications outside the Psychotropic Medication Utilization Parameters.

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