The Online Texas Abuse Hotline User Guide provides instructions and other resources for starting and completing an online report. The videos on this page help explain the written instructions in the User Guide. The videos are short, and they address specific sections of the online report where a video demonstration may be helpful.

Click on a section to view the video:

Navigation for Registered Users

This video demonstrates login to a registered user account, the landing page and how to confirm your contact information.

Starting Your Online Report
Customized Questions

The Online Texas Abuse Hotline is designed to work as quickly and efficiently as possible. This video demonstrates the customized questions which are generated so that you can enter detail based on the information you are able to provide.

Link Allegations to Persons

In the Online Texas Abuse Hotline, you will be asked to link allegations to the persons you have identified in your report. This video demonstates how you can link allegations to persons, so you can provide detail on the specific allegations and events you are reporting.

Summary Sections

Summary sections give you the opportunity to review what you have entered, edit the information, add more information, or move on to the next section of your report. This video demonstrates the options you have at each summary section, and how you can review, edit, or move on to the next section.