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Aaron's Story

Boy sittingAaron is 11-years-old and has been in foster care since he was 6.  He was removed from the care of his biological parents for severe physical abuse and neglect.  He was found to be malnourished, had multiple bruises and both old and new fractures at the time of removal.  Parental rights were terminated and Aaron was placed in an adoptive placement, but before it was consummated the adoptive parents decided they could not adopt Aaron and he was placed in a foster home.  Since that time he has had 11 subsequent placements in foster homes and one placement in a Residential Treatment Center.

Aaron’s placements report aggressive behavior and unwillingness to follow rules.  He has anger outbursts and cannot regulate his emotions.  He is currently diagnosed with Bipolar disorder and is on medication. He also has difficulty forming friendships with peers.