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Contact the Texas Youth Helpline any time, day or night, to discuss your problem. It's free, and we're here to help!

Troubled teen in crisis needing help from the Texas Youth Helpline.

Help For Youth

Life can be hard, stressful, unfair, and even dangerous — but we can help.

Please reach out to us anytime. We can listen, help answer questions about the law and running away, help you brainstorm a safe plan of action, and find helpful low or no cost community services.

The Helpline is confidential.

Whether you contact us by phone, text, or chat, you are not required to share your name or address. We are not a reporting hotline, and we are not associated with law enforcement or Child Protective Services. Our number is toll-free, so it shouldn't show up on your home phone bill. However, if your cell phone plan includes usage details on your bill, our number may appear there if you call or text us. Also, our number may appear on your bill if you have a phone over the Internet.

free message service for runaway youth and their families

We offer a free message service so runaways can communicate with their parents or guardians if they don't want to talk with them directly. All calls are strictly confidential.

free ride home for runaways

Helpline staff and volunteers can put youth in contact with "Operation Home Free," a free transportation service to get youth back home to their parent or guardian if they've run away.

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Runaway laws in Texas

Thinking about running away from home? The Texas Youth Helpline can help you understand the legal issues and laws about running away, moving out before age 18, or emancipation from a parent.

How to run away from home

Sometimes running away seems like the best option to get away from your problems. The Texas Youth Helpline is here to help you figure out the best plan of action for your unique situation.

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