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Hotline Volunteer

How You Can Help

If you live in the Austin area, you can become a volunteer at the Texas Youth Hotline. Call 1-800-989-6884 to find out how you can help youths in at-risk situations and their families in your community, including runaway and homeless youth who are living on the streets of Texas. The hotline also needs outreach volunteers to assist with public awareness projects.

Our hotline volunteers receive:

  • Specialized, flexible training.
  • Valuable experience for those who are considering a career in human services.
  • A choice of hours to fit their schedules.
  • Respect and recognition because volunteers are our most valuable resource.

Call the Texas Youth Hotline, day or night, toll free: 1-800-989-6884

Outreach Volunteers

The Texas Youth Hotline reaches out to as many youth and families as possible. Hotline staff and volunteers distribute more than 300,000 pieces of public awareness materials each year to schools, social service agencies, and other youth related organizations statewide.

Our outreach volunteers help us by distributing hotline materials in their communities. Many set up hotline exhibit booths at community fairs, in schools, or in businesses. Others ask their local television, cable, radio or newspaper to run the hotline’s public service announcements (PSAs). Local media can contact the hotline for PSA information.

The following free materials are available by calling 1-800-989-6884:

  • Color posters *
  • Informative brochures *

* Indicates bilingual materials