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1000 Program Overview: Adult Protective Services (APS)

APS IH / May 2007

APS operates under the authority of Chapter 48, Title 2, Texas Human Resources Code (HRC) and 40 Texas Administrative Code (TAC), Chapter 705, to protect people in Texas who are persons age 65 or older and adults with disabilities.

APS is a program of the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services (DFPS).

1100 APS Purpose and Objectives

APS IH / May 2007

DFPS, through the APS program, protects persons age 65 or older and adults with disabilities from abuse, neglect, and financial exploitation by investigating and providing or arranging for services necessary to alleviate or prevent further maltreatment.

APS protects persons age 65 or older and adults with disabilities residing in private residences and adult foster homes or assisted living facilities not subject to licensure by Health and Human Services Long-Term Care Regulatory Services.

APS ensures:

  •   thorough review of intakes (initial reports) to accept rather than exclude investigations of abuse, neglect, or exploitation;

  •   timely and thorough investigations to determine the validity of allegations of abuse, neglect, and exploitation;

  •   comprehensive assessments and identification of root causes to achieve a thorough understanding of overall situations; and

  •   comprehensive service planning.

In addition, APS:

  •   provides preventive and supportive services that originate from community involvement in the protection of persons age 65 or older and adults with disabilities;

  •   develops resources and agreements to help families before abuse, neglect, or exploitation occurs; and

  •   works cooperatively with other DFPS programs, other state and local agencies, and the private and volunteer sectors.

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