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2370 Physical Evidence

APS-IH / November 2008

Physical evidence is any item or substance related to an allegation that can be seen or touched. APS specialists document physical evidence by taking photographs of it in place at the scene, and describing it in the case narrative. APS does not possess a way to collect and store physical evidence.

2371 Examples of Physical Evidence

APS-IH / November 2008

Examples of physical evidence include:

  •   weapons;

  •   soiled linens;

  •   torn clothing; and

  •   large holes in the alleged victim’s floor.

2372 Physical Evidence Procedure

APS-IH / November 2008

The APS specialist:

  •   does not handle or remove physical evidence found at an incident scene;

  •   takes establishing and close-up photographs, when possible, of the evidence without disturbing it;

  •   calls or re-calls law enforcement, if the allegation constitutes a criminal offense, to notify them of the allegation and the existence of the physical evidence; and

  •   offers to guard the evidence if safe and appropriate, to prevent anyone from touching it until law enforcement officials arrive.

See 2350 Photographic Evidence.

2373 Documentation for Physical Evidence

APS-IH / November 2008

The APS specialist describes physical evidence in the narrative. Photographs are documented and filed according to 2352 Documentation for Photographs.

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