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1000 DFPS Background Checks (BC)

Background Checks April 2018

The BC team consists of DFPS employees who are responsible for processing background checks for a variety of populations. The BC team is part of the Operations division of DFPS.

1100 Responsibilities for Background Check Policy

Background Checks April 2018

All affected DFPS employees are responsible for:

  •   being aware of background check policies; and

  •   maintaining open communication regarding background checks.

1200 History of BC Team

Background Checks April 2018

Members of the BC team were originally part of the Centralized Background Check Unit (CBCU). Due to legislative mandates, the Licensing teams in CBCU transitioned to Health and Human Services (HHS) in 2017. The remaining staff from CBCU that stayed with DFPS make up the BC team.

The original CBCU was established in 2007 under the authority of Senate Bill 758 from Texas’s 80th Legislature. This bill mandated that DFPS create a program improvement plan that would build upon previous child protective services reforms. One of the requirements of the plan was to streamline criminal history background checks to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of those checks.

Prior to 2007, background checks for Child Care Licensing, agency contractors, and volunteers were processed by various DFPS staff across the state. With the roll out of the CBCU in 2008, completion of these background checks was consolidated into one unit. There are benefits to DFPS using a more centralized approach to processing background checks, which ultimately lead to better DFPS regulatory and program decisions. These benefits include:

  •   greater consistency across the state

  •   improved efficiency and streamlined processes

  •   CBCU staff become experts in the subject of background checks

To further utilize the expertise of BC staff as it relates to background checks across the agency, the Editing and Publication Guide for DFPS Policy was updated in January 2014 to require that BC review any policy, procedure, or rule development which references background checks. (In the Editing and Publication Guide for DFPS Policy, see 1110 Approvals for Changes in Background Check Policy.) This requirement was implemented to further increase consistency and accuracy regarding background checks across the agency.

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