DFPS Centralized Background Check Unit Operating Policy

Revision March 2012

This revision of the DFPS Centralized Background Check Unit Operating Policy was published on March 1, 2012.

Prior to November 2013 Background Check policy was contained in three internal Operating Policies. The revisions below were made to Operating Policies CBCU-2104, and CBCU-6102 which became Section 2000 Background Checks for External User Access to Information Resources and Section 3000 DFPS History Checks for Prospective Employees, respectively, in the new handbook.

In CBCU-2104:

Revised the title and content. Deleted sections; revised others. The sections on exemptions and waivers are new. Background check procedures are outlined. Details about background check determinations are now included.

In CBCU-6102:

This policy is revised to:

  •   clarify roles and IMPACT closure types would be either a bar or require a review to determine whether or not the person would be barred from DFPS employment;

  •   more clearly outline the roles that CBCU, hiring specialists, hiring authorities, and staffing specialists have in regards to DFPS History checks on prospective employees; and

  •   incorporate a new process by which CBCU will make decisions to bar or clear state office level prospective employees when they have matches on their DFPS History check