DFPS Centralized Background Check Unit Operating Policy

Revision August 2012

This revision of the DFPS Centralized Background Check Unit Operating Policy was published on August 1, 2012.

Prior to November 2013 Background Check policy was contained in three internal Operating Policies. The revisions below were made to Operating Policy CBCU-6102, which became Section 3000 DFPS History Checks for Prospective Employees in the new handbook.

This policy is revised to:

  •   explain that temporary employees hired through the CAPPS process are also covered by this policy;

  •   clarify in the DFPS Employee Background Check DFPS History Chart that previous DFPS investigations that resulted in Ruled Out, Invalid, or Administrative Closure do not require further assessment, regardless of the prospective employee’s role in the allegations; and

  •   add definitions of barred, cleared, and review to the definitions section of the policy