DFPS Centralized Background Check Unit Operating Policy

Revision January 2013

This revision of the DFPS Centralized Background Check Unit Operating Policy was published on January 2, 2013.

Prior to November 2013 Background Check policy was contained in three internal Operating Policies. The revisions below were made to Operating Policy CBCU-1104, which became Section 1000 Background Checks for Purchased Client Services in the new handbook.

The following policy changes were made:

Made major structural and editorial changes to reduce duplication, improve the flow, and clarify the content.

Added detail to the definition of direct contact. Modified the definition of criminal conviction.

Clarified the roles and responsibilities of CBCU staff and PCS staff.

Added language to allow the transferability of results across certain contracts.

Clarified the requirement for obtaining a background check when there is a break in service or a change in role. 

Removed language regarding the DPS process for resolving errors.

Modified language to show that a person is barred for failure to complete the fingerprinting requirement.

Clarified that a juvenile criminal history is assessed to determine whether there is an immediate risk to clients.