February 2018

This revision of the DFPS Centralized Background Check Unit Operating Handbook was published on February 5, 2018. Summaries of new or revised items are provided below.

Reorganization: CBCU Changing to BC (PATS 10592)

Part of the original Centralized Background Check Unit (CBCU) moved to HHSC effective September 2017. The group remaining at DFPS is the Background Checks (BC) division. This revision reflects:

  •   the separation;

  •   changes to New Hire procedures for background checks; and

  •   PCS procedures for background checks.


2000 Background Checks for Purchased Client Services

2100 Division of CBCU and PCS Staff Responsibilities for Purchased Client Services

2110 CBCU DFPS Background Checks (BC) Staff Responsibilities

2120 PCS Staff

2200 Types of Background Checks

2210 PCS Background Checks That Are Always Required

2220 PCS Background Checks That May Be Required

2221 Fingerprint-Based Criminal History Checks

2222 Out-of-State Abuse and Neglect History Checks

2300 Overview of the Background Check Process

2310 Making the Initial Request for a Background Check

2320 Renewing a Background Check

2330 Options for Contractors With Multiple PCS Contracts

2340 Background Checks for Residential Operations Regulated by Child Care Licensing

2350 Reporting and Making Determinations for New Incidents

2400 Procedures

2410 Requesting a Background Check

2411 Requesting a Background Check During Contract Execution

2412 Requesting a Background Check at a Time Other Than Procurement

2420 Fingerprint-Based Criminal History Checks

2421 Completing a Fingerprint-Based Check

2422 Receiving Notification From DPS About New Arrests

2430 Retaining All Background Check-Related Correspondence From BC the CBCU

2440 Assessing the Results of Background Checks

2441 Assessing DFPS and Criminal History Records

2442 Assessing Sex Offender Registry Records

2443 Assessing Juvenile History Records

2444 Assessing Incomplete, Inconclusive, or Contested Criminal History Records

2450 Making a Determination

2451 Cleared

2452 Absolute Bar

2453 Eligible for a Risk Evaluation

2454 Contraindication

2455 Redeterminations (Renewals)

2500 Requesting a Review of a Determination

2510 Requesting a Review of a Determination Based on Criminal History

2520 Review of a Determination That Is Based on a History of Abuse, Neglect, or Exploitation

2521 Requesting the Review

2522 Conducting the Review


3000 Background Checks for External User Access to Information Resources

3100 Populations Exempted From Background Checks

3200 Background Check Waivers

3300 Division of Responsibilities for Background Checks for External Users

3310 Sponsor Responsibilities

3320 DI Specialist Responsibilities

3330 BC CBCU Staff Responsibilities

3400 Procedures

3410 Requesting a Background Check

3411 Requesting a Background Check After a Network Account Has Been Deleted

3420 Out-of-State Criminal History Checks

3430 Out-of-State Abuse or Neglect History Checks

3440 Background Check Renewals

3450 New Incidents and Investigations

3451 Reporting New Criminal Incidents (Self-Reporting Requirement)

3452 New DFPS Abuse and Neglect Investigations

3460 Background Check Determinations

3461 Background Check Determinations: Cleared

3462 Background Check Determinations: Absolute Bars

3463 Background Check Determinations: Risk Assessment

3464 Incomplete Out-of-State Background Checks

3470 Requests to Review BC's the CBCU's Background Check Decisions

3480 DFPS Background Checks and Employment

3490 Use of DFPS Background Check Resources


4000 DFPS History Checks for Prospective Employees

4100 Division of Responsibilities for Conducting DFPS History Checks

4200 DFPS History Check Procedures

4210 Initiating a DFPS History Check

4220 Conducting a Check

4230 Processing Clearances and Non-Prohibitive Matches

4240 Processing Potential Matches

4241 Regional Positions

4242 State Office Positions

4250 Processing Confirmed Matches

4251 Regional Positions

4252 State Office Positions

4260 Marking Cases as Sensitive in IMPACT


5000 Background Checks for Court Appointed Special Advocates (CASA) Employees, Volunteers, and Board Members

5100 CASA Background Check Policy

5110 Background Check Renewals

5120 DFPS Background Checks and Employment with CASA

5130 Improper Use of DFPS Background Check Resources

5200 Roles and Responsibilities

5210 CASA Employees, Volunteers, and Board Members

5220 CASA Automated Background Check System (ABCS) Representative

5230 CASA HHS Enterprise Portal Representative

5240 BC CBCU Staff

5300 Procedures for Requesting a Background Check

5400 Background Check Determinations

5410 Cleared

5420 Denied

5430 Risk Assessment

5500 New Incidents and DFPS Abuse and Neglect Investigations

5600 Requests to Review BC's the CBCU's Background Check Decisions