Handbook Revision, February 2021

FBI Background Checks for PCS (PATS 12832)

Updates policy on fingerprint-based checks submitted for Purchase Client Services (PCS) and how results are handled when a FBI Fingerprint Check result returns with criminal history that requires additional review or a risk evaluation. The re-use of Texas Education Agency fingerprint checks has been removed from the policy as DPS no longer allows DFPS that option.


2421 Completing a Fingerprint-Based Check


2450 Making a Determination

2451 Cleared

2452 Absolute Bar

2453 Eligible for a Risk Evaluation on DPS Criminal History

2454 Eligible for a Risk Evaluation on FBI Criminal History

2455 2544 Contraindication

2456 2545 Redeterminations (Renewals)

External Partner Organizations (PATS 12847)

This new policy details the process for doing background checks for external partner organizations in line with federal and state laws or when a formal agreement with DFPS, such as a memorandum of understanding (MOU), exists.


9000 Background Checks for External Partner Organizations

9100 External Partner Organizations

9110 Big Brothers Big Sisters (BBBS)

9120 Children’s Advocacy Center (CAC)

9130 Human Trafficking Advocacy Agencies

9140 Superior Health Plan

9150 Texas Juvenile Justice Department

9200 Requesting a Background Check

9210 BBBS and CAC

9220 Human Trafficking Advocacy Agencies

9230 SHP

9240 TJJD

9300 Processing Background Check Results

9310 BBBS and CAC

9320 Human Trafficking Advocacy Agencies

9330 SHP

9340 TJJD

9400 Completing a Risk Assessment