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7200 Handling Immediate Danger to Children

LPPH March 2017


During an inspection or investigation, staff may discover conditions in a regulated or unregulated operation that pose a threat of immediate danger to children because of violations of the minimum standards, administrative rules or statutes.

If this occurs, the inspector or investigator consults with the supervisor, program administrator, or district director to determine whether it is necessary to take one or more of the following actions:

a.  Request assistance from Child Protective Services.

b.  Request assistance from fire, health, or law enforcement officials.

c.  Remain at the operation until parents or managing conservators arrive or the dangerous situation is corrected.

d.  Request that the permit holder or person in charge notify parents or managing conservators of the situation. If that person fails to do so, notify the parents or managing conservators.

e.  Request that the supervisor report the situation to the appropriate CCL director. The director contacts the legal division and action is taken.

f.  Remove the child or children from a residential operation if there is a substantial risk of harm and if the removal is approved by a CCL director.

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