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2000: Handling Inquiries About the Licensing Process and Exemption

Appendix 2000-1: Organizations Whose Members May Qualify for Exemption

LPPH November 2010

The organizations listed at the end of this item are members of the Texas Private School Accreditation Commission (TEPSAC). Members of TEPSAC are approved to accredit nonpublic schools in Texas. Schools that are accredited by TEPSAC members may be exempt from regulation by Licensing.

See the first item in the table under 2371 Standard Educational Programs That Are Exempt From Regulation by DFPS, regarding programs for prekindergarten and above.

Applying for or being in the process of becoming accredited does not constitute accreditation.

List of Accredited Schools

For a list of the individual private schools accredited by TEPSAC, search the TEPSAC site for the Texas School Directory. The list is updated weekly.

Accreditation Status

For the accreditation status of a specific school, use the Texas Education Directory’s search feature AskTED. (See the first item in the table under 2371 Standard Educational Programs, regarding programs for prekindergarten and above.

TEPSAC Members

The TEPSAC members that are approved to accredit nonpublic schools are:

Accreditation Commission of Baptist Schools


FAX 254-710-3734

Association of Christian Classical Schools


Association of Christian Schools International


FAX 972-941-4405

Association of Christian Teachers and Schools


FAX 713-944-4416

Independent Schools Association of the Southwest


FAX 432-684-9401

International Christian Accrediting Association


FAX 918-493-8041

Lutheran Schools Accreditation Commission


FAX 512-926-1006

National Christian Schools Association


FAX 512-835-2184

Southern Association of Colleges and Schools


FAX 512-326-5908

Southwestern Association of Episcopal Schools


FAX 806-655-2426

Texas Alliance of Accredited Private Schools


FAX 361-552-1951

Texas Catholic Conference Education Department


FAX 512-339-8670

Texas Seventh Day Adventists School System


FAX 817-783-5266

Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod School Accreditation


FAX 214-348-1424

Other Organizations

The following organization is not a member of TEPSAC, but does require compliance with established standards and has been reviewed by Child Care Licensing.

Association Montessori International Teachers of Texas (AMITOT)

Chrissy Davol

5701 West FM 487

Florence, Texas 76527


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