Handbook Revision, September 1, 2021

Interviewing Adults (PATS 13576)

This policy revision does the following:

  • Brings existing policy sections about the requirements for interviewing adults up to date with current policy.
  • Removes outdated Child Care Licensing language.
  • Adds 6422.11 to describe requirements for notification to alleged perpetrators before conducting an interview. This addition is to comply with House Bill 135, 87th Legislature, Regular Session.


6420 Conducting Interviews


6422 Interviewing Adults

6422.1 Interviewing Alleged Perpetrators

6422.11 Before Conducting an Interview with an Alleged Perpetrator

6422.12 During an Interview with an Alleged Perpetrator

6422.13 Interview of an Alleged Perpetrator by Law Enforcement

6422.14 Alleged Perpetrator Fails to Cooperate with the Investigation

6422.2 Interviewing Principal and Collateral Sources

6423 Recording Interviews

CCI Handbook Definitions of Terms (PATS 13579)

This revision removes terms that are inapplicable to investigation procedures and corrects references to appropriate sections of Texas Administrative Code (TAC) and Texas Family Code (TFC). It also simplifies definitions of abuse, neglect, and exploitation to refer directly to their legal definitions in TFC, which have been revised following the 87th Legislature, Regular Session, via HB 375, HB 567, and HB 1540.


Definitions of Terms