Handbook Revision, October 1, 2021

Working with Family Advocates and Other Advocacy Organizations (PATS 12863)

Because of the frequency with which DFPS interacts with advocacy organizations, such as parent rights advocates and homeschool coalitions, the DFPS Government Relations division identified the need for a clear, consistent policy across DFPS for interacting with these advocates. This policy applies when DFPS does not have a memorandum of understanding (MOU), and there isn’t existing law related to the sharing of information with the organization.

This new policy gives staff clear guidance on what role the advocacy organization may have in a case and what information DFPS can share directly with the advocate.


6146 Family Advocates and Other Advocacy Organizations

6146.1 Case Records

6146.2 Communication

6146.3 Participation in Meetings

6146.4 Participation in Interviews