Handbook Revision, January 3, 2022

Supervisor Review Time Frames and Appendix Resources (PATS 13671)

This update does the following:

  • Revises section 6820 of the CCI Handbook to reflect that supervisors have five days, rather than 15, to review a submitted investigation.
  • Updates Appendices 6000-1 and 6000-2 to remove regulatory information from investigation time frames.
  • Adds Appendix 6000-3 to provide a single resource listing time frames for notifications sent throughout an investigation.


6820 Reviewing an Investigation


Appendix 6000-1: Investigation Investigator Time Frames for Investigations

Appendix 6000-2: Supervisor and Secondary Approver Time Frames for Abuse and Neglect Investigations

Appendix 6000-3: Notification Time Frames

Storing Investigation Files (PATS 13677)

This update revises outdated regulatory policies on maintaining physical investigation files, so that they reflect current requirements for uploading external documentation to IMPACT and OneCase.


6440 Collecting Evidence

6441 Collecting Evidence Related to Interviews

6441.1 Conducting and Recording Interviews

6441.2 Obtaining Written Statements

6441.3 Maintaining Investigation Notes

6442 Taking Photographs as Evidence

6443 Obtaining Written Documents as Evidence

6443.1 Obtaining Medical Records


6443.4 Obtaining Documents from the Operation

6444 Maintaining Records of Correspondence

6444.1 Documenting and Maintaining Email Correspondence

6444.2 Documenting and Maintaining Written Correspondence

6444.3 Documenting and Maintaining Voicemails and Texts


6620 Dispositional Staffing and Determining the Findings


6740 Documentation of Case Notes

6750 Maintaining an Investigation File

6751 Investigations Not Involving Abuse or Neglect

6752 Investigations Involving Allegations of Abuse or Neglect

6751 Maintaining Electronic Investigation Files

6751.1 Electronic Documents Finalized After Investigation Approval

6751.2 Documents Received After Investigation Closure

6752 Managing Physical Investigation Files

6752.1 Managing Information That Cannot Be Converted to Electronic Records