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1470 Retention and Disposal of Case Information

CPS January 2018

Refer to the Records Management Group (RMG) Handbook:

4000 Records Retention and Disposal

Records Retention Schedule

See also 1463 Phase 3: Preparing the Paper File (External Record) and its sub-items.

1480 Workload Management System

1481 Case Conference and Supportive Supervision

CPS March 2011

The purpose of the case conference and supportive supervision is to:

  •  provide time for the caseworker and supervisor to discuss the status of cases on the caseworker's workload and make collaborative decisions about the next steps that must be taken to achieve:

  •  a thorough assessment of child safety, which includes child vulnerability, safety threats, and parent's protective capacity,

  •  the case plan outlined in the Family Plan of Service,

  •  the permanency goals of the Child Plan of Service, and

  •  case closure; and

  •  provide an opportunity for the supervisor to:

  •  provide supportive supervision,

  •  address caseworker developmental issues, and

  •  outline a plan to address any identified developmental issues.

A supervisor must hold a workload management or case conference with each caseworker assigned to the unit at least 10 times per year, unless regional management requires more.

Before the conference, the caseworker:

  •  updates case documentation for the cases being discussed in accordance with relevant timeframes; and

  •  prepares to discuss the status of each case, including any significant changes since the last conference and upcoming deadlines.

Discussion of each case must include the following areas, as it applies to the caseworker's stage of service:

  •  Ongoing assessment of child safety, which includes child vulnerability, safety threats, and parent's protective capacity

  •  Investigation documentation and case closure

  •  Progress made towards achieving the goals of the Family Plan of Service, the Child Plan of Service, permanency, and case closure

  •  A review of the services being offered to the child and family to determine whether any services should be discontinued or added

  •  Upcoming deadlines, court dates, and additional steps to take to achieve the identified goals and case closure

  •  Identification of existing or potential obstacles to achieving the identified goals and case closure and of potential solutions to those obstacles.

The supervisor:

  •  evaluates and discusses the caseworker's ability to:

  •  assess child safety threats, parents' protective capacity, and child vulnerability,

  •  adhere to quality standards for documentation,

  •  adhere to relevant policy and licensing standards,

  •  maintain timely case contacts, and

  •  maintain timely and quality case documentation.

  •  establishes steps and timeframes for the caseworker to bring the case contacts or case documentation to standard, if applicable.

Within two weeks of the conference the supervisor must:

  •  document the conference notes, including any objectives or expectations that were set for the caseworker. The supervisor may document the conference notes on a conference form or other format approved by regional management;

  •  date the conference notes and share with the caseworker, either electronically or by hard copy; and

  •  file a copy of the conference notes in the caseworker's personnel file that is maintained locally for that purpose by the supervisor.

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