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Appendix 1132.2(a): Steps in Developing a Child Welfare Contract

CPS 84-0

1.   Discuss the needs and activities of the protective services unit with county officials.

2.   Discuss with county commissioners and the county judge the provisions of the contract.

3.   Ask the county officials to sign Section C of the contract outline.

4.   Send the completed contract outline and a copy of the official minutes of the commissioner's court meeting at which the commissioners officially voted to establish a contract with DFPS. Send this material to Child Protective Services.

a.   If Child Protective Services and the Office of the General Counsel approve the outline, the Office of the General Counsel prepares a written contract.

5.   Take three copies of the prepared contract to the county officials for signing.

6.   Ask the county officials to appoint a child welfare board.

7.   Return the signed contract to Child Protective Services which arranges for the commissioner to sign it.

8.   Give the fully executed contract to the county officials for their files.

9.   Process Form 2012, Contract Registration, to arrange for AFDC and state-paid foster care reimbursements to the county

10. Provide an orientation for child welfare board members. The orientation should include the history and philosophy of child protective services, DFPS's administration, child welfare board funding and responsibilities, dynamics of abuse and neglect, and questions of conflict of interest related to activities of child welfare board members who have other roles in relation to DFPS and child protective services.

11. Request a child welfare board kit from Child Protective Services in state office.

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