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Appendix 4623: Protocol for RCCI or CPI Investigations Involving Child-on-Child Victimization in Foster Care

CPS October 2019

RCCI notifies the CPS caseworker and supervisor of a report requiring an investigation of a foster home. RCCI should indicate whether the report involves allegations that a child has abused or neglected another child.

CPS staff members follow this protocol when CPS is notified of an RCCI investigation:

1.   The CPS caseworker reviews the intake and contacts the RCCI investigator to discuss time frames for RCCI making contact and to provide any history or collateral information.

2.   The CPS caseworker consults with the supervisor and program director (PD) and follows policy related to notifications to parents and legal parties. If the incident involves allegations of sexual contact, the caseworker, supervisor, and PD consult with the program administrator (PA) to determine appropriate next steps.

3.   The caseworker maintains contact with the RCCI investigator to determine the safety of the child and to determine when RCCI will complete its interviews with the child and the caregiver.

4.   Within two business days of RCCI completing the interviews of household members, the caseworker visits face-to-face with the child to assess the child’s need for services. In some circumstances, RCCI informs CPS that CPS can contact the child before RCCI completes the interviews with the household members (including the child and caregiver). The caseworker documents this communication with RCCI if such an exception is made.

5.   If, after visiting the child, the caseworker believes that a placement change is necessary to ensure the child’s safety, the caseworker consults with the supervisor, PD, and PA. If needed, staff members should arrange a consultation with the division administrator of placement.

6.   If the conservatorship (CVS) PA decides to remove the child from the foster home and there are other foster children in the home, the CVS PA contacts the CVS PA for the remaining children to discuss the safety of those children.

7.   Once the investigation is complete, the CPS caseworker reviews the details of the investigation to determine whether the child needs any follow-up and files the investigation in the child’s record.

8.   If the investigation involved child sexual aggression, CPS staff members follow procedures outlined in the Child Sexual Aggression Resource Guide.

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