6614 Providing Additional Medical, Psychological, or Psychiatric Information to the Adoptive Family

CPS November 2003 September 2007

This item has been edited for style and clarity only. Policy has not changed.

Staff document any newly discovered medical, psychological, or psychiatric information regarding the adopted child's birth relatives, and provide the information to the adoptive parents and to the court that consummated the adoption. The information is also provided to the regional microfilm unit to be added to the child's closed adoption case record.

Texas Family Code §162.005(f)

The worker must de-identify, if appropriate, and report the new medical, psychological, or psychiatric information to the adoptive family in writing within 90 days of discovering the information.


6822 Completing the Health, Social, Educational, and Genetic History (HSEGH) Report

6615 Other Issues Regarding Services to Families and Caregivers

6615.1 Services to Parents Across Regional Lines

CPS April 2004 September 2007

When a child in conservatorship in one region has a parent who resides in a different region, it is the responsibility of the region with conservatorship to contact the region where the parent resides in order to request a courtesy worker.

The region with conservatorship must fill out Form 2078 Inter-Regional Agreement: Parent Residing Across Regional Lines to formalize the request for services to the parent.

The region where the parent resides must then provide services commensurate with those provided to parents of children in the region’s own conservatorship.

See 6512 Making Placements Across Regional or Unit Lines. Note: See Item 6512.1 for information on placements across regional lines and changes of jurisdiction.

6615.2 Services to Parents When They Are Incarcerated

CPS April 2004 September 2007

Section 6422 states that Staff must provide an incarcerated parent with the opportunity to participate in service planning for the family, unless parental rights have been terminated.

See 6422 The Family's Service Plan.

Staff must provide or make arrangements for providing the services for the parent discussed in 6610 Services to the Child’s Family When the Child Is in Substitute Care and its sub-items. Staff should check with the facility about what relevant services may be available. However, staff must also take into consideration the:

  ·  rules of the parents’ custodial facility;

  ·  expected duration of their stay in the facility; and

  ·  safety, permanency, and well-being of the child or children involved.