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3000 Legislative Inquiries

OCR July 2018

The OCR may receive case specific inquiries from government officials, including Texas legislators.

The OCR may receive case-specific legislative inquiries directly or through the DFPS Office of External Relations (OER). The OCR refers non-case specific legislative inquiries regarding agency policies to OER. These two offices work closely together to ensure consistent communication and responsiveness to the legislative office.

Upon receiving the case-specific inquiry, the OCR staff contact the legislative office to confirm receipt of the inquiry.

The OCR staff may contact designated DFPS regional staff to gather case-specific information to be provided to legislative offices.

The OCR has a time frame of five calendar days for providing a response to the inquiry unless otherwise specified by the legislative office. The OCR staff notify the legislative office if a delay in providing a response occurs.

The OCR staff may provide feedback to legislative offices via telephone calls, email, or a formal letter.

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