Office of Consumer Relations Handbook

Handbook Revision, July 2, 2018

This revision of the Office of Consumer Relations Policy Handbook was published on July 2, 2018. Summaries of new or revised items are provided below.

Office of Consumer Relations Handbook (PATS 10852)

The Office of Consumer Relations (OCR) is updating its program policies to reflect:

  •   The change to its name (from OCA).

  •   Changes to other programs under DFPS.

  •   That DFPS is no longer under HHSC.

  •   Changes to how the OCR responds to written complaints submitted to our office via email and online form.

  •   The creation of the HHSC Foster Care Ombudsman.

  •   Additional data reports that the OCR must submit each year.

  •   OCR’s part in ensuring the Central Registry is updated in a timely manner when a disposition has been changed from Reason to Believe in a Child Protective Investigation case.


1000 Overview

1100 History

1200 The Mission of the Office of Consumer Relations Affairs

1300 Relationship With the Health and Human Services Commission Office of the Ombudsman

1400 Methods of Informing Consumers About Filing Complaints

1500 Contact Information

1600 Confidentiality

1700 OCR OCA Data Reports

2000 Complaints

2100 Definition of a Complaint

2200 Who Can Submit a Complaint to the OCR OCA

2300 Complaints That OCR OCA Accepts for Review

2400 Complaints That OCR OCA Does Not Accept for Review

2500 Complaint Intake

2510 Complaints Made Over the Telephone

2520 Written Complaints

2530 Notifying Program Staff

2540 Determining the Finding

2550 Closing and Responding to Complaints

3000 Legislative Complaints and Inquiries

4000 Executive Assignments

5000 Appealing an Administrative Review of Investigation Findings (ARIF)

5100 Requirements for OCR OCA Review

5200 Denial of OCR OCA Review

5300 OCR OCA Review Process