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1300 Processing Calls

1310 Automatic Call Distributor

SWI Policy and Procedures September 2014

All calls to the hotline are handled by an automatic call distributor (ACD). When a person calls into the call center, the ACD offers recorded information and several options. The choices made by the caller help to route the call to appropriate staff in the shortest possible time. Callers are given the option of making a report in English or Spanish.

The ACD system distributes calls through the phone network and routes calls to the next available intake specialist. There is never a busy signal, and all calls are counted to enable constant scheduling improvements. Each call is held within the system until answered or abandoned by the reporter. Contact center calls are electronically recorded.

1320 English Language Queue

SWI Policy and Procedures September 2014

Most SWI calls are routed through the English language queue. They are answered in the order in which they are received.

1330 Spanish Language Queue

SWI Policy and Procedures September 2014

Spanish-speaking callers who use SWI’s main number or the APS Facility Investigations hotline to report potential abuse may opt to be routed to the Spanish language queue. The Spanish language queue is staffed by Spanish-speaking intake specialists who also receive calls from the English application when no Spanish calls are holding.

If a non-Spanish speaking intake specialist receives a report from a Spanish-speaking caller, the intake specialist handles the call through the Language Line translation service. Intake specialists do not transfer the caller back into the Spanish language queue.

1400 Communication Assistance Services

1410 Language Line (Translation Services)

SWI Policy and Procedures July 2009

SWI contracts with Language Line Services, which provides translation services for many different languages.

See Language Line Instructions.

1420 Relay Texas Interpreter Services

SWI Policy and Procedures September 2012

Relay Texas is a service used by persons who are deaf or hearing-impaired or who have speech disabilities. These callers contact SWI using the Relay Texas service. The Relay Texas operator facilitates the conversation or interview between SWI and the caller by using equipment that enables the Relay Texas operator to read the caller's signals from the TTY (text telephone) and hear the voice of SWI.

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