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3640 I&R Transmitted to the DFPS Field by Intake Specialist

3641 I&R For CCL Standards Violations and Client Rights for APS Facility Investigations

SWI Policy and Procedures August 2015

An I&R is assessed for reports involving CCL standards violations and client rights for APS Facility Investigations.


5230 CCL Possible Standards Violations: Incidents Not Involving Abuse, Neglect, or Exploitation

7450 Assessment of an I&R Client Rights Fac/Admn Issues

3642 When Intake Specialist Calls Out an I&R

SWI Policy and Procedures January 2011

When an intake specialist calls out an I&R to field staff, the intake specialist assigns the I&R to the person who received the call out. See 3922 Call-Outs Performed by Intake Specialists.

3643 Additional Information for an Open DFPS Case

SWI Policy and Procedures January 2011

The intake specialist documents the name and locating information for the reporter on the Call Entry page as available. In RE is the existing case name.

The intake specialist:

  •   Begins the narrative with this statement: This is additional information for an open [CPS/APS In-Homes/APS Facility Investigations/CCL/RCCL] case.

  •   Pastes the open case. See 3242 Pasting a Case History into a Report.

  •   Documents the concerns and new information in the body of the narrative.

The I&R is saved and assigned to the routing coordinator where the case is open.

See 2300 Determining if Information Is an Intake, Special Request, or Information and Referral for assessment of intake and I&R.

See I&R Call Regarding Existing Case Best Practice Narrative.

See 4930 Open Service Delivery Stages.

If the I&R needs to be called out, see the Manual Assignment Charts on SWI's Intake Procedures intranet page (in the Processing section, under Assignment Charts).


4481 Situations That Always Require an I&R to the Open CPS Case

3930 Assignment Charts

3926 Staff Search

3644 Additional Information on an Intake Still Being Processed by SWI

SWI Policy and Procedures May 2015

New information may be obtained when the original intake is still being completed by SWI and has not been transmitted to the field. The intake specialist follows the procedures appropriate for the various situations as described below.

Original Intake Specialist Still Has Intake

If the same reporter calls SWI to add additional information on an intake that is still being completed by the intake specialist who took the initial call, the intake specialist receiving the additional information sends a message through the instant messaging system to the intake specialist who is documenting the original report. If the original intake specialist is available, the information is verbally provided and the original intake specialist updates the original report with the additional information.

The intake specialist who received the additional information generates an I&R Call Regarding an Existing Case. The intake specialist documents that the information was added to the appropriate Call ID number. This I&R is saved and closed.


2181 Reporter Requests to Speak to an Intake Specialist

3620 Processing an I&R That Is Saved and Closed At Intake

Intake Assigned to Support Staff for Call-Out

If the intake has been assigned to support staff for call-out, the intake specialist receiving the new information:

  •   follows procedures in 3643 Additional Information for an Open DFPS Case;

  •   assigns to support staff for call out, and

  •   notifies support staff of the new I&R

CPS and CCL Intakes Assigned to Support Staff for LEN

If the original intake has been assigned to support staff for law enforcement notification and new information is received, the intake specialist completes an I&R to the open case and follows standard processing procedures. See 3643 Additional Information for an Open DFPS Case.

CPS Intake in Submit Status

Original Reporter

If the same reporter on an open intake calls back with additional information, the intake specialist completes the following steps to add new information to a sensitive report that has been submitted for supervisory review.

The intake worker:

  •   informs a reading supervisor about the new information to the pending case so the reading supervisor can add the information to the pending case.

  •   completes an I&R including the Call Entry information;

  •   documents in the narrative the new information and name of the supervisor to whom the information was given;

  •   gives the I&R Call ID to the reading supervisor, and

  •   saves and closes the I&R.

New Reporter

If a different reporter provided additional information to SWI and the intake specialist finds an open sensitive intake that has been submitted for supervisory review, the intake specialist completes an I&R to the open case.

3650 Modifying Reports

3651 Changing an Open Intake Into an I&R

SWI Policy and Procedures August 2007

The intake specialist takes the following steps to change an intake into an I&R when the intake is still open.

On Intake Actions page:

1.  Generate the law enforcement notification (LEN).

2.  Delete the allegations.

3.  Delete the LEN field.

4.  Delete the priority.

5.  Delete the case name.

On the Call Information page:

1.  Delete the classification.

2.  Select an I&R type.

3.  Unrelate (if necessary) and then delete the persons (ensure that demographics are documented in the narrative).

4.  Process the I&R (as appropriate).

5.  Process the approval.

6.  From the Call Information page, select the appropriate Save action.

3652 Closing an I&R Accidentally Saved and Assigned to Intake Specialist ’s Workload

SWI Policy and Procedures August 2007

If an I&R:

  ·  is erroneously saved to the worker’s workload instead of saved and closed; and

  ·  the I&R is in closed (CLD) status on the Intake Action page, but remains open on the workload, then

close the I&R from the workload:

1.  Click on the workload.

2.  Highlight the call to be closed.

3.  Click Close Call.

4.  Scroll down and click Save and Close at the bottom of the page.

3653 Assigning an Intake or I&R Erroneously Saved and Assigned to Intake Specialist ’s Workload

SWI Policy and Procedures August 2007

Ensure the intake or I&R is in closed (CLD) status. Do not assign an open intake unless instructed to by a supervisor or automation or data entry staff.

1.  Determine to whom the report should be assigned.

2.  Click on the workload.

3.  Select the check box next to the appropriate report.

4.  Click the Assign button at the bottom.

5.  Select the appropriate staff (see 3926 Staff Search).

6.  Click Primary.

7.  Click Yes.

8.  Click Save.

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