Statewide Intake (SWI) Procedures Handbook
April 1 2008

This revision of the Statewide Intake (SWI) Procedures Handbook was published on April 1, 2008.

Statewide Intake Shift Pay Differential

The item below is added to the SWI Procedure handbook to document policy regarding a pay differential for night and weekend staff. This policy was effective November 1, 2007. See:

1660 Statewide Intake Shift Pay Differential

General Update of Section 4000 Child Protective Services

Section 4000 Child Protective Services was revised in its entirety for clarity and to incorporate recent changes to policy and procedure.

  ·  Section 4200 is revised to incorporate more of the content of the CPS Intake Training Guidelines, including almost always and rarely assigned reports.

  ·  Policy on reports regarding children exposed to methamphetamines is added to:

4211.1 Examples of Reports Almost Always Assigned for Investigation of PHAB

4434 Risk to a Child Exposed to a Methamphetamine Lab

  ·  Policy regarding reports of sexually active minors (Rider 33, formerly Riders 11, 14 and 18) is moved from item 2360 to item 4232.2 Sexually Active Minor.

  ·  Policy regarding infants abandoned with designated emergency infant care (DEIC) providers is added with 4273 Baby Moses Cases.

  ·  4300 Intake Priority Assessment is updated to reflect a new time frame for initiating P2 investigations. The minimum time frame changes from 10 days to 72 hours.

  ·  Updated policies regarding reports on children in CPS conservatorship are added to:

4480 Issues Involving Children in CPS Conservatorship

4481 Situations That Always Require an I&R to the Open CPS Case

4482 Child in CPS Conservatorship Has a Baby

  ·  New policy regarding reports on incidents in schools is added to 4490 Reports on School Personnel.

  ·  New policy on taking reports on children apparently abandoned in facilities is added with item 4493 DADS Unable to Locate Parents or Guardian of a Child in an ICF-MR or Nursing Facility.

  ·  Instructions for changing the county in IMPACT for case assignment were consolidated into:

3910 Change of County for Case Assignment.

  ·  The item below is revised to reflect new policy that all P1s are called out between 10PM and 8AM, so workers no longer need to staff before calling out. See:

3923 Call-Outs Requiring Supervisory Approval

Cross-references to affected items in 4000 were updated in the following item:

5324 Allegations DCL Is Not Authorized to Investigate