Statewide Intake (SWI) Procedures Handbook September 2008

This revision of the Statewide Intake (SWI) Procedures Handbook was published on September 2, 2008.

General Update of Section 5000 Child Care Licensing

This revision is a reorganization of the entire Licensing section. It has been rewritten for greater clarity and to update outdated information with current practice.

Cross-references to items moved or renamed with this revision have been updated in the following items:

2310 Intake

2330 Child Death

2420 Determining if an Operation Is Subject to DFPS Jurisdiction

2430 If Licensure of a Children’s Day Care Facility Is Unclear

2723 Youth Camps

3111.4 In RE Section

3112.23 Demographics Section

3142.1 Case Name

3900 Call-Out and Assignment

4560 Child Living With Non-Related Caretaker