Statewide Intake Procedures Handbook Revision March 2009

This revision of the Statewide Intake Procedures Handbook was published on March 2, 2009. Summaries of new or revised items are provided below.

Procedures for Concerns Regarding Case Handling

This is an update regarding the process for reporting concerns about the handling of cases by local offices. This is an internal procedure specifically for SWI staff. See:

2620 Complaints Regarding Case handling by DFPS Field Staff

2621 SWI Concerns Regarding Field Handling of an Investigation

2622 Complaints Alleging Breach of Confidentiality or Misconduct by DFPS Staff

SWI Protocol for Recommending Law Enforcement Welfare Checks

The items below are revised to clarify existing policy on referring a reporter to law enforcement for a “welfare check.” See:

2131 Law Enforcement “Welfare Checks”

The items below were renumbered to accommodate the new item 2131. No changes to policy or procedure were made in these items, though some existing policies were rewritten for clarification. All cross-references to these items have been updated.

2132 Feedback to Reporter

2133 Requests for Feedback on Investigations

2133.1 Requests for Feedback From CPS

2133.2 Requests for Feedback From APS

2133.3 Requests for Feedback on Licensing Intakes

The items below were revised to clarify existing policy and procedure.

2130 Sharing Information With the Reporter

2140 Reporters With More Than One Intake

2150 Determining Single or Multiple Reporters