Statewide Intake Policy and Procedures
Handbook Revision
July 2009

New SWI Policy and Procedures Handbook

Before this date the Statewide Intake Procedures Handbook was published on the DFPS Intranet, and the Statewide Intake Policy Handbook was published on the public DFPS Web site. These handbooks have now been combined into one, published on the public DFPS Web site.

Revisions Throughout Section 1000

The 1000 section has been updated to include the legal basis for reporting abuse and neglect. This information was previously published in the outdated SWI Policy Handbook, which is being removed.

The remainder of the 1000 section documents SWI business operations.

I&R Narratives Saved and Closed at Intake

Changes are being implemented to the documentation requirements for all I&Rs that are Saved and Closed at Intake. In an effort to save time, workers are no longer required to complete a comprehensive Narrative, including names, demographics, and locating/contact information. All that will be required is a simple, short description of the general nature of the call. For example, “FA of 6 y/o is not being allowed his court-ordered visitations.” Intake workers are still required to thoroughly interview the caller to ascertain if any abuse or neglect has occurred. A history search is required, and any history found is documented in the Conclusion. See:

3610 Processing an I&R That Is Saved and Closed At Intake

Documenting Multiple Victims in APS MH&MR Reports

For AFC cases the "In RE" will no longer include the words "et al". Normally, the Case Name and In Re have to match but this will be an exception to prevent processing issues when there are multiple unknown victims.

7430 Multiple Victims

7710 APS MH&MR (AFC) In Re and Case Name

Cross references to the revised title of 7710 have been made in:

3142.1 Case Name

3111.4 In RE Section